If you characterize the Mt Hood real estate market of 2012 as crawling out of the big hole, then all indicators for 2013 is the upward trend in the Villages of Mt Hood continues. That is indeed welcome news.
I took a look again at 3 parameters: Sales Volume, Median Sale Price and the Number of Closed Sales. So now, what other insights can be drawn from these simple graphs on market trends when it comes to buying or selling “on the Mountain”?


When it comes to volume, the Mt Hood real estate market is back to where sales volume was 10 years ago.


2013 Median Sales Price is approaching 2005 and 2009 levels. In 2005 Sales Volume had peaked and in 2009 the real estate market on the mountain was still in “free-fall” and the median sale price had not yet bottomed out. That didn’t happen until 2011 when volume and medium sale price both tanked.


It is pretty clear how flat the market was with respect to the number of sales from 2009 to 2011 which also coin sides with the march downward in the median sale price and annual sales volume.

So, what is the big takeaway for a buyer trying to make a good decision when it comes to making a purchase? Sitting on the fence appears to be costing you money if the upward market trend line continues and expands throughout more price points.