Timberline Rim Homeowners Association Owners vote NOT to retain CC&R’s in Late December 2013

The owners of property and lots in the Timberline Rim Homeowners Association voted to not renew the Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions or CC&R’s for the Timberline Rim Homeowners association which spans the Sandy River in the Brightwood and Rhododendron.

The Timberline Rim Recreation Club and Timberline Rim Water Company will continue to exist. The corporations will continue to have the authority to collect dues and to levy assessments in order to fund the operation the Water Company and recreational facilities.  The association will no longer have the authority to regulate the owners’ private lots.  Clackamas County now has the total jurisdiction over that function.  Also, without the CC&R’s, the Architectural Committee, along with its regulatory authority, will cease to exist.

Approximately 55% of the membership was needed to have a yeah or nay vote.  Only 45.64% of the membership voted on the amendment to retain the CC&R’s.  To see the complete voter breakdown go to http://www.timrimcommunity.org/.

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