Come ask questions about county permit requirements from Clackamas County Reresentative. Builders and Homeowners can get answers from County staff at the July meeting of Mt Hood Community Planning Organization (MHPO-CPO)
• Does the county enforce code retroactively on, for example, a 40 year old cabin built before current codes were in effect?
• How can we foster an atmosphere where people feel safe getting building permits?
• What needs permitting and what does not? If a homeowner does his/her own repairs, is a permit needed?
• Can builders and homeowners follow verbal "okays" from county code enforcement staff?
• Get an update on permit process for homes with flood damage or potential flood damage
• Will the county work with owners or contractors to mitigate fines? And conversely, when some contractors flaunt all rules and sanctions are not enforced, why should others "toe the line?"
Special Guest:Kimberly Benthin, Code Compliance Specialist, Clackamas County 
When: July 7, 2011 7-9:00 PM 
Where: Dorman Community Center, 24500 E Salmon River Road, Welches, Oregon, Across the street from Welches Grade School.