The Timberline Trail around Mt Hood


It is the time of year when the Timberline Trail and parts thereof becomes a favorite for folks from all over the country and globe. It is a chanallanging hike, one not to take lightly.  It is not necessarily family friendly, only with preparation, knowledge the current conditions for the river crossings, and being in shape with get you through.

This next section is from Portland 

I have not included all of the links available. This is an Awesome Resource for the Portland, Orand  Metropolitan area… Enjoy and Safe hiking!

•Start Point and  Ending Point: Timberline Lodge Trailhead  see the Portland Hikers Maps


• Trail Log: 

• Distance: 40.4 miles

• Elevation gain: 8290 feet 

• High Point: 7300 feet 

• Difficulty: Difficult 

• Seasons: Summer and early Fall 

• Family Friendly: No 

• Backpackable: Yes 

• Crowded: crowded at some places 

The Forest Service has officially closed the Eliot branch but there is a possible but difficult detour, see Eliot Creek Crossing (observed 2010/9/2)

The hike around Mount Hood is one of the best hikes in the area. You get great views of Mount Hood, and of the surrounding territory including Cascade volcanoes such as Mount Saint Helens, Mount Rainier, Mount Adams, Mount Jefferson, and the Three Sisters. You can see the Coast Range to the west. You can see Portland and the Willamette River. You can see the Columbia River. You can see the desert to the east.

 It’s really interesting to see how the plants and geology vary as you go as low as 3300′ by Ramona Falls through deep forest to barren lava flows as high as 7300′ on the east side of the mountain.

 Most people take 4 days and 3 nights, beginning and ending at Timberline Lodge, and go clockwise. A number of other alternatives are mentioned below. The detailed description is the same regardless of how you do it. At a few places there are several choices of route which can make the hike a little shorter or longer.

 Compared to the "Dilbert World" we’re used to, it’s refreshing to get into the routine of getting up in the morning, eating, packing up, hiking several stretches with rest stops, finding a place to get water and camp, and repeating. Anyone that has the opportunity should do this hike at least once. You might like it so much that you want to try a longer trip such as the trail around the Three Sisters, the Wonderland Trail around Mount Rainier, or thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.

 The full account is quite detailed. If you are planning this hike do read the rest at Portland .


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