The question is this weekend, where to go Hiking to avoid closed trails due to the Dollar fire.

Here is the most resent article on the Dollar Fire I could find, but I will also include other information on closed trails and some good Alternatives for a Labor Day Jaunt. All information on the Dollar is updated on the InciWeb, Mt Hood National Forest’s Incident Information System. here is the most recent release on the Dollar Fire InciWeb  & Dollar Lake Fire Evening Update

As of September 3, 2011 here is a list of the Trail & Campground Closures on the Mt Hood National Forest. Primarily up Lolo Pass to trails up Zig Zag Mountain and the Alpine lakes on Zig Zag Mountain, McNeill and Riley Horse camp Part of the Timberline trail.  See the complete List

Now some good alternatives for a Hike On the Mt Hood National Forest.  The Old Salmon River Trail and the Upper Salmon River Trail are old favorites.  


They are on the west side of Hunchback Mountain and not at all close to the fire.  The Upper Salmon River Trail goes all the way to Trillium Lake. With no East wind blowing today, it shouldn’t be smokey either.  On the Upper Salmon River Trail there is eveidence of an ancient fire on very large Old Growth.  Here is a the link to the Salmon River Trail #742

Enjoy Labor Day on Sept 5, 2011 and Drive Safely!!!!

No, you won’t find any Mt Hood Real Estate for Sale on this outing, but you will see some
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