Dollar Lake Fire Update September 9, 2011 8:30 am

Thursday was a “quiet day” on the fire, according to Operations Section Chief
Noel Livingston. An inversion capped smoke over the fire, winds were light, and
fire behavior was minimal. Crews continued to make good progress constructing
fire lines and are installing hoses and pumps to bring water to where it is needed.
Thousands of feet of hose are being strung on the west side of the fire to provide
water to secure and mop up established fire lines
On the northwest corner of the fire, attempts to burn out fuels between the fire
and the established fire lines were complicated by an inversion and high
humidity. “It’s an interesting situation,” said John Robertson, Fire Behavior
Analyst. “Yesterday we had all the ingredients for extreme fire behavior but local
effects at Mount Hood prevented that from happening. Over the last four days,
nightly inversions and topography have been sheltering the fire from upper level
winds and an unstable atmosphere. By late afternoon, conditions had improved
and burnout operations were completed between Cathedral Ridge and the
wilderness boundary.
Fire officials remain concerned about forecasted critical fire weather and
continued drying in the days ahead. All we need is wind and we’ll be off and
running again,” added Robertson.
The fire is burning 9 miles east of homes along the Lolo Pass Road and 2-3 miles
southwest of the headwaters of the Bull Run watershed. The fire is 19 miles east
of the intake for the Bull Run water system. On Thursday, fire size did not change
and the fire did not move any closer to transmission lines, private land, homes, or
the watershed.
COMMUNITY MEETING: scheduled for 7:00 p.m. tonight at the Mount Hood Lions Club in Welches. Fire officials will
discuss predicted weather trends and explain strategies and suppression tactics
Area & Road:
Forest Roads 13, 16, and 18 are closed and all forest roads
within the area closure boundary. Forest Roads 2840, 3511, 3512
are closed. For details on area closures please see:

Lost Lake
Wahtum Lake
McNeil, Riley Horse Camp
Lost Creek
Tilly Jane & Cloud Cap.
Pacific Crest Trail from the Rushing Water Creek crossing, north to Wahtum Lake;
Trail #600 from Gnarl Ridge Trail #652 northwest to its terminus at Ramona Falls Trail #797;
Burnt Lake Trail #772 from the Burnt Lake north trailhead, south to the wilderness boundary;
Cast Lake Trail #773 and Horseshoe Trail #774 from the trailhead in Riley campground south to the wilderness boundary;
Sandy River Trail #770 and Ramona Falls Trail #797;
Yokum Ridge #771; 
Mazamas Trail #625; 
Vista Ridge Trail #626, Elk Cove Trail #631 and PinnacleRidge Trail #630  
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