Sept 13, 2011, 8:30 AM PT Information from the Mt Hood National Forest Iniweb

Excellent progress was made in putting a line around parts of the northern reaches of the fire. Fire fighters were aided by numerous water drops from helicopters, which stopped the fire from growing to the north and west. 200 additional firefighters have been brought in for the arduous task of building contingency line north of the existing fire. To hold the fire in place along Cathedral Ridge, more than 30,000 feet of fire hose has been laid and a large tank filled by helicopter is being used as a water source.

Nine helicopters are assisting the firefighters in their suppression efforts. The helicopters are used to bring in food and supplies to firefighters that are campedout near the containment lines on Cathedral Ridge, and for direct suppression efforts when the fire becomes more active. The National Guard is assisting the suppression efforts by providing 3 Blackhawk helicopters and associated personnel.
Firefighters were aided by reduced temperatures and increased humidity, which kept the fire out of the forest canopy. In cooler areas of the fire, crews are seeking out ‘hot spots’ with handheld infrared sensors. Firefighters eliminate any remaining heat with water and hand tools. As a precaution, the historic structures of Cloud Cap Inn and Tilly Jane cabin have been protected by crews who have installed sprinkler systems and wrapped outbuildings with reflective foil. The fire is expected to continue smoldering and creeping in the understory. Islands of interior forest that didn’t burn when the canopy fire rapidly passed through are now burning, and are producing much of the smoke seen in the Hood River valley. Winds are expected to continue from the west and northwest, so highway 35 and the communities of Parkdale and Odell will likely experience dense smoke, especially in the early morning hours when the inversion is most pronounced.
Area & Road: Forest Roads: 16 and 18 are closed and all forest roads within the area closure boundary. Forest Roads 2840, 3511, 3512 are closed. For details on area closures please see:
Lost Lake resort & Campground are open but the surface of lake remains closed (no swimming or boating is allowed on the lake), 
McNeil, Riley Horse Camp, Lost Creek, Kinnikinnick, Tilly Jane, and Cloud Cap.
  • Pacific Crest Trail from the Rushing Water Creek crossing, north to Wahtum Lake; 
  • Trail #600 from Gnarl Ridge Trail #652 northwest to its terminus at Ramona Falls Trail #797; 
  • Burnt Lake Trail #772 from the Burnt Lake north trailhead, south to the wilderness boundary; 
  • Cast Lake Trail #773 and Horseshoe Trail #774 from the trailhead in Riley campground south to thewilderness boundary; 
  • Sandy River Trail #770 and Ramona Falls Trail #797; 
  • Yokum Ridge #771; 
  • Mazamas Trail #625;
  • VistaRidge Trail #626,
  • Elk Cove Trail #631 and Pinnacle Ridge Trail #630