Give Your Fireplace a Hot New Look that’s Inviting to Buyers

Especially in cold areas, turning on the fireplace during an open house can be very attractive. However, real wood-burning fireplaces can be messy and leave a smoky odor in the air that can be too strong for some potential buyers. And if you opt for fake logs, well, they can sometimes look too fake. But a growing trend is to fill the fireplace with recycled, reflective glass—it’s clean, easy to install in a short time, and pretty to look at. Plus, an added benefit—the materials heat up quickly and give off a little more warmth.

If your fireplace is set up to burn real wood and has a natural gas starter log in it, you’ll need to consult with experts to modify it before you can install the glass. You’ll also need to use specially manufactured glass. Do not attempt to put ordinary glass in the fireplace—you’ll get an unwanted effect—glass can come popping out into the room as it heats up.


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Foreclosure Myths Debunked

When millions of foreclosures suddenly flooded the market at the onset of the housing crash, home owners knew little to nothing about holding onto their homes or how to recover if they got the boot.

Misinformation and fraud compounded the effects of slow regulatory action and lackadaisical response from the lending industry.

Uncharted waters were submerged in rumors, speculation, conjecture and ignorance.

Years later, foreclosure myths endure.

Freddie Mac, one of the nation’s largest home loan investors, initially charged with expanding opportunities for home ownership and now focused on the liquidity needs of the mortgage market, is also about myth busting.


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